Superannuation (‘super’) is money for your retirement. It’s also known as the ‘accumulation’ stage of super, as you are accumulating it for retirement.

Superannuation is a tax effective way to save for your retirement. Most of the money for your retirement comes from compulsory Super Guarantee Contributions (SGC) that your employer pays into your nominated super fund. Your employer must pay 9.5 per cent of your salary into your super fund. This money isn’t usually accessible until you retire or reach preservation age.

If you’ve had more than one job, you probably have several super accounts.
Bringing all these accounts together into one account might allow you to save on fees, improve returns, and reduce the amount of paperwork your get in the mail. There are a few things to be aware of when consolidating super, so do your research first or ask an expert (like me or your super fund call centre)

  • Growing and Contributing to super
  • Before and after-tax contributions
  • Accessing super
  • Insurance in super
  • Death benefit and super
  • How much super can I have?

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