The following is a collection is frequently asked questions you might have, we hope that you find this guide helpful.

Q How does an appointment take place?
A Meetings can be face to face at a mutually convenient location and time, over the phone, or via
face time/skype

Q How long is an appointment
A Usually one hour – depends on what needs to be discussed and its complexity

Q How long does it take to implement a financial plan
A this also depends on various factors, but usually 3 to 6 weeks.

Q What is the cost of an appointment
A there is no cost or obligation for an initial appointment

Q What is the cost of a financial plan?
A This depends on the complexity of your circumstances, and the amount of time required to
produce my recommendations.

Q How is the fee paid?
A By cheque, direct debit, credit card or via your super fund in certain circumstances

Q When is the fee for the plan payable?
A Usually at the presentation of the advice

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